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Our complete range of

After Coolers

Air & Water Aftercooler
Air & Water Aftercooler

Our complete range of

After Coolers

Aftercoolers are installed in compressed air systems to reduce compressed air temperature and moisture content.

They consist of a heat exchanger made up of copper tubes supported by aluminum cooling fins. A high-efficiency axial fan forces ambient air over the heat exchanger providing the necessary cooling effect.
The compressed air is cooled down to approximately 10°C above ambient temperature. This cooling effect condenses a high percentage of the water vapor into a liquid with is separated from the air stream by the CCS centrifugal separator installed at the aftercooler outlet.

The installation of an D.I.T Aftercooler ensures the maximum performance and protection of all equipment, such as refrigeration dryers, adsorption dryers, and filters, positioned downstream of this unit.

D.I.T Aftercoolers ensure the maximum performance and protection of all equipment.

Air Aftercooler

DAC Series
Air Cooled

  • Air Cooled Cooled systems.
Water Aftercooler

DAW Series
Water Cooled

  • Water Cooled systems.

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