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   D.I.T. products can be found in a variety of installations such a steel and textile mills, automotive and appliance assembly pants, and food chemical and petroleum processing facilities. They can also be found in supplying clean, dry air in health- mined hospitals and ships. D.I.T. small refrigerated dryers are the standad in the general industry.
   Wherever compressed air is used, D.I.T. air treatment equipment can improve air system productivity.
   Since 2001 (in Thailand ), D.I.T. has invested in new product development and modern manufacturing technologies and equipments . These efforts have resulted in innovative products and the ability to manufacture to the highest standard.
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- Air Quality.
There are six key levels of compressed air quality ranging from shop air to breathing air. The quality of air required will determine which type of filtration and drying system is needed.
- Air Capacity.
Begin with capacity requirements and load factors for each tool and machine that will use compressed air. These compressed air requirements are generally available from the equipment manufacturers.
- Air Pressure.
Determine the pressure required at the point of use. Pneumatic tool manufacturers rate tool capacities at specific pressure ratings. The minimum required pressure can be determined by the equation:

Pr = Pp + PL where:
Pr = Minimum required pressure, psig.
Pp = Pressure at point of use, psig.
PL = Total pressure loss, psid.
- Total pressure loss includes any losses at the air receiver, dryers, centrifugal separator, particulate filter, oil removal filter, and oil vapor absorber , as well as piping and valves.
- Once capacity and pressure requirements are known, the air compressor size and input power requirements can be obtained from manufacturers.
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